about traveling

Everybody needs something inciting in life to be passionate about. For me that impetus is traveling.


You might say now that you also like vacation. But for me traveling is not about going on holiday to an exotic place - it's so much more beyond that. It's about diving into foreign cultures, making friends with strangers, experience every day differently, dealing with uncertainty and considering it liberty, communicating without a common language. It's about trying things that I've never tried before, about challenges, adventures, risks, instincts, trust and simply living for the moment. 


To capture at least some of these magic moments my DSLR  is my loyal companion on my trips. Some of my favorite pictures I now brought onto this website. Maybe they'll serve some other passionate travelers as an inspiration or just amuse some browsing through.

About my home port

Born and raised in Schleswig-Holstein, I'm a real "norddeutsche Deern" as we in the northern Germany like to call it. As the water has always been close by whether in form of a lake, a river or the North or Baltic Sea, there was no option for me to move somewhere without water connection. In the combination of being a huge city and a water lover at the same time, the decision was clear where I wanted to move for my studies - Hamburg. 


"Heimathafen Hamburg"  - that is the best picture for what that city means to me. Deeply in love with Hamburg as the cool beauty at the river Elbe I proudly call it home. But at the same time the port represents for me the connection to each and every place in the world. I'm passionate about using that connection to explore exotic cultures and start adventurous backpack-travels. Always knowing that I'll return to my home port Hamburg no matter how long the journey might be.